Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tips for the IKEA Kitchen Sales

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I've written before about IKEA kitchen sales but I wanted to make sure my friends and readers know that, in spring and fall, and sometimes summer, we can look forward to another kitchen sale. I know there are many of you who have been saving and/or planning your remodel and eagerly awaiting this upcoming sale.

The first step is the decision to go ahead with the project. This usually requires a reasonable estimate of the true costs involved. Get my free ebook to help you with this.

The second step is measuring the kitchen and working out the layout of cabinets: the design phase. I encourage you to enlist the help of an expert kitchen designer who has broad experience with IKEA cabinets. I cannot overstate the importance of at least having an expert review your design if you do it yourself. Even if you have tight budget, or a tiny kitchen, invest in expert design. You can often save money on your purchase by doing so, and inevitably the finished look and functionality will be better. You are going to spend thousands of dollars on materials, you are going to tear your home apart, you are going to be dealing with gas, electrical, water lines, plumbing, lighting, codes and permits. Given all this, do get expert help with the layout. If there is no qualified IKEA designer in your area, write me and I will forward to you the resources I have. I would suggest getting the design process underway a minimum of one month before you order, if possible.

Once your design is done (the designer should provide a comprehensive list of all IKEA parts and materials you need to buy), you are ready to place your cabinet order. During sale periods at IKEA, the sooner you order, the better. As the sale moves toward an end, the lines get longer, the waits longer, the sales staff more harried, the delivery service slower, etc.

Another benefit of working with a pro designer is that their finished plan and parts list will make it much easier to order. We have had customers call to say that when they went to order, especially during a sale, they breezed through the process while they saw others sitting at those IKEA computer terminals sweating with frustration. Save your marriage, hire a designer. Even more important, ensure your kitchen design is truly optimal.

The discounts and offers during IKEA kitchen sales vary but typically, if you buy appliances at IKEA at the same time, you can save 10-20% on your total purchase. This can be a significant savings, or it can be barely anything.

Let's say you've chosen Abstrakt (high end door style) cabinets for a fairly large kitchen plus laundry area. You might spend $9000 on cabinets. If you order Caesarstone at IKEA also, you could be looking at a $13,000+ purchase. 20% off is $2600! Sometimes you have to buy three IKEA (Whirlpool) appliances to get this 20% discount. If you don't want IKEA appliances, consider buying one or more of their least expensive appliances that would qualify you for the discount, and reselling these on Craigslist. A $200 dishwasher, or even three of them for $600, would be a worthwhile purchase to save $2600!

On the other hand, if your cabinet costs are $3500 and you are only buying one new appliance, the sale discounts might not be a factor in the planning and timing of your project.

Timing is a key issue on many projects if you do want to take advantage of the sales. If you have a dry secure place to store the delivered cabinets, you can order during a sale and do the project any time. But more likely, you will want to be ready to do the project, budgeted funds in hand, finished design in hand, contractor hired or in sight, before you order. IKEA cabinets should not be stored outside, even under tarps, for more than a day or two. Note that a pallet or two of flat-packed IKEA boxes is a huge, heavy thing.

One other tip for the sale has to do with ordering extra or spare parts. One small downside of IKEA cabinets is that from time to time a door style will be discontinued. If one of your cabinets is damaged, you might not be able to get a matching replacement part. You can ask about this at IKEA, whether your chosen style is likely to be discontinued, and often the salespeople will know.

If you'd like to discuss your project with me, I can offer you a free, 30-minute phone consultation. Here's my calendar, just pick a time that works for you.

Our company, Modern Family Kitchens, offers an IKEA kitchen design service. We can provide this service locally, or remotely. We think you'll spend the least and get the best results when you invest in expert design. Call or write us to discuss your project. 877-550-1753.