Thursday, January 31, 2013

Basic Tips on Buying Materials

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Once you have a plan you love, and an acceptable bid for the installation and any remodeling work you might need or want, it is time to buy stuff. If you are buying new appliances after the plan is done, make sure, before you buy cabinets, that the plan takes your appliance sizes into account. If anything changes when you purchase appliances, make sure your plan is edited, too.

With a kitchen plan in hand (or uploaded to IKEA's server), most people go to IKEA to look around one last time and to place their order. IKEA staff will, to some extent, help you place your order. An experienced IKEA kitchen planner can help you order also. It is sometimes possible to order IKEA cabinets via FAX, but not easy. Usually you have to go to an IKEA store to place a kitchen cabinet order.

Countertops are often the biggest purchase you'll make if granite, Corian, Caesarstone or similar types are in your budget. IKEA has high quality laminates and butcherblock for low cost solutions. There are numerous places to look for and purchase higher end counters. but it is often efficient to order everything, cabinets and counters, at IKEA.

As another note on countertop, if you order laminate or butcherblock, it is delivered as part of your cabinet order. It is installed by your cabinet installer, cut on the spot to fit your layout. If you order Corian or granite, etc., your countertop supplier will arrange a trip to your home as soon as your base cabinets have been installed. The supplier (fabricator) makes a template and your counters are usually custom fabricated offsite and delivered and installed for you. It can take a few days to several weeks for counters to be fabricated. Your cabinet installer can put a plywood base in for you, if required by your countertop supplier or, if you have to wait for the counters, to leave you with a somewhat functional kitchen during the wait.

Once you've placed your IKEA cabinet order, you'll get a delivery date. You can hold off delivery for as long as two weeks usually, with no charge for storage at IKEA's distribution center.

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