Monday, March 11, 2013

Notes for Planning your IKEA Kitchen Remodel

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During the planning phase of an IKEA (or any) kitchen remodel, there seem to be countless decisions to make and dozens of questions that need answering:

Can you achieve the look you want with IKEA cabinets?
Are you going to replace the stove?
Do you have to get new flooring?
What about lighting?
How to find a good contractor?
How long does IKEA take to deliver?
What kind of sink should you get?
Will the fridge fit with the new cabinets?
How high is the ceiling?
Will the cabinets last a long time?
What kind of counter tops will work?
Can I re-use my relatively new disposal?
Is the wall load-bearing?
Do I need permits?
When are we going to start?
How much will this cost?

...and many more.

To achieve a truly wonderful result that will bring your family enjoyment this year, and increase your home value in the years to come, there are several dozen factors that have to be addressed, coordinated and handled.

The first steps include creating a budget for your project (get our free eBook, How to Budget for an IKEA Kitchen Remodel), and designing the kitchen layout. One of many reasons we recommend working with a professional on the design is that you'll also have an expert on your remodeling team who may be able to provide a lot of answers to many of the questions that need to be answered.

If you forge ahead on your own, keep a notebook. Go around your existing kitchen and write down what you see. Sink, window, wall, Kitchenaid mixer (a tall item that needs to be put or stored somewhere in your new kitchen), water filter, baking pans, flooring, outlet, large utensils, etc.

Each item is something to consider in your remodel. Many are simply "items that need storage." Some are contractor issues, such as an outlet in the wrong place. Some are design issues, such as "where will the Kitchenaid mixer go."

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