Monday, April 29, 2013

After the IKEA Kitchen Sale

We helped quite a few clients from all over the US and Canada design and order their new kitchens during the Spring 2013  IKEA Kitchen Sale. One client called for the first time just four days before the sale ended. They had requested my free IKEA kitchen budgeting eBook and then called a few days later.

The couple had been working on their design using the online planner for over a year. They didn't think it would be possible for a designer to now understand their entire project and to sort out all the issues in just a few days. But they took a leap of faith in us.

Here's their thank you note:

We were able to catch the ikea sale today!  Thank you so much for helping us achieve what we thought would be impossible in such a short time frame. We really appreciate you working on this last minute project and being so responsive. guys provide a great service and we're so glad we stumbled across your blog. I'll be sure to recommend you to friends considering an ikea kitchen.

M & H S. 

It can be hard for a homeowner to realize how difficult it really is to design an elegant and optimal layout and order IKEA kitchen cabinets. Kitchen design is a professional skill. As I've written before, it is SO worthwhile to invest a small part of your budget in professional design service. The difference, in the finished result, is huge. 

If you didn't get to order during this current sale, fear not. Another IKEA kitchen sale is coming soon, likely this summer. The best time to start your design work is one to two months before ordering. 

If you'd like to discuss your project with me, I can offer you a free, 30-minute phone consultation. Here's my calendar, just pick a time that works for you.