Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How to Buy IKEA Cabinets at the End of a Sale

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Let's say you just haven't had the time to get organized to buy your cabinets and now the sale is ending in 11 days.

1) You could give up. The savings of 15 or 20 percent is not that important. Only $1000 or so.

2) You could frantically spend your evenings working on a layout using the IKEA online planner.

In the back of your mind you know that the layout is only one step, that you need a contractor, flooring, lighting, tile, paint, appliances, and a new window. This makes working on the cabinet layout even more frantic. And how do you know the measurements are correct or that the cabinets will fit? And do you really like the way it looks?

3) You could ask friends or family members who have done it before to help you, or guide you. This is a good idea, if you have helpful, IKEA-kitchen-experienced friends.

4) You could pay a professional to design and guide you through the process.

This is the only way to reduce stress, not add stress. A reasonable fee for a professional IKEA kitchen designer will pay for itself in a much better kitchen, but also in helping you to order during the sale, and get the best kitchen AND the best discounts. 

These are the usual options. I just want to say that you CAN have it all.

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