Saturday, January 11, 2014

IKEA Kitchen Project Costs

I have several blog posts on the cost of an IKEA kitchen. But since so many people ask about this, I know it is really important to continue to clarify and help sort this out. (This is one reason we offer a free consultation and why I give away my eBook). Although each project is unique, there is some basic data that can help a homeowner who is doing a kitchen project with IKEA cabinets.

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The problem is that walking into an IKEA and looking at the display kitchens can give a false idea of the actual cost of an IKEA kitchen project. I think most people understand this, but those kitchens are so pretty and the prices look so affordable, it's easy to forget that IKEA sells MATERIALS only, and that LABOR costs can easily be more than half the cost of a project.

The most basic tip is to first figure out if you have the money (and the time) to do your project. Rush projects or those with very tight budgets, are very stressful and usually end up costing more than they would have in a more relaxed context.

On average, and considering that the size and condition of your existing kitchen are major variables, you will probably need $10,000 and at least 3-4 weeks (starting with demolition) to change your current kitchen into a  new IKEA kitchen. Start planning and design at least 3-4 weeks before that.

If there are wall changes, projects typically cost $15,000 to $20,000 and, from demolition to final clean up, take 4-6 weeks.

It IS possible to transform your small kitchen for $5,000, or to do it in 10 days, but expect to do much of the labor yourself or to have a crackerjack installation team, and prep work, like electrical upgrades, done ahead of time.

Expect labor costs to be half your budget or, in an older home more than half.  The cost of cabinet installation is only a small part of the skilled labor needed to complete a kitchen remodel. Wall repair, electrical work, and appliance installation are needed in most kitchen projects.

Choice of countertop is another huge variable, since butcher block or laminate can cost $400, while solid surface counters such as Caesarstone, for an average US kitchen, can easily cost $4,000 or more.

If you are buying all new appliances, you could spend under $3,000, or upwards of $20,000, depending on brand.

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