Thursday, October 15, 2015

Why You Should Insist on Professional Design

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IKEA has great, affordable cabinets and if you've been looking at them in the store or online for awhile you know that a finished IKEA kitchen can look fabulous and be a fantastic value, as home remodeling goes.

I've been working on IKEA kitchen projects for more than a decade. Hundreds of installations, thousands of designs. I can tell you without bias that investing a small part of your budget in expert design is UTTERLY worthwhile.

We have design clients who feel that JUST the ease and confidence of ORDERING at the end of the design process was worth the price of the service.

But our larger goal is to ensure each client sorts out the many factors that go into designing a really wonderful kitchen layout so that our designers can create a kitchen just right for their preferences and kitchen space. It's a process. It takes experience, skill, good software.

The IKEA Home Planner free online software is ok for planning. It does not allow you to use IKEA components in many ways and, worse, it allows you to make errors that won't be apparent until the installation. Then you can find yourself needing to let a contractor make design decisions for you. Ugh.

Anyway, I am completely biased. But I can tell you that you'll save money, stress, and time, and you'll get a much nicer result, by basing your kitchen remodel on expert design and drawings. Your contractor will know exactly what to do, where everything goes, and you won't have to worry that your dishwasher door won't open all the way, or that the new space around the island, which seemed ok on paper, is really too tight.

I'm happy to discuss your kitchen project with you, a free 30-minute phone consultation. Whether or not you are interested in our design services. Perhaps I can save your some money or stress or time, and I'm always happy to do so.

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