Tuesday, November 10, 2015

FRAMELESS and FRAMED Cabinets. Which do you prefer?

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IKEA sells FRAMELESS or BOX Cabinets.  There is another type of cabinet, a FRAMED cabeint, that is a different construction. IKEA’s frameless cabinet BOXES are four MDF sides (medium density fiberboard) with a thin fiber backing. If you want plywood boxes, you have to look elsewhere. These days it’s almost impossible to find solid wood cabinets.

But let me clarify the difference between frameless and framed. You can save some real money and achieve the look you want more easily if you understand the difference. 

With FRAMED cabinets, a border or frame (of about 2 inches) hides the edge of the cabinet box. The face frame adds strength. The door of framed cabinets is attached to the frame's side or under the frame. Framed cabinets usually have a box made of plywood, particleboard or medium density fiberboard (MDF). 

Here's a kitchen of FRAMED white cabinets:

With FRAMELESS construction (such as IKEA cabinets) (also known as euro), there's no face frame and the cabinet doors attach directly to the sides of the cabinet box. The cabinet door covers the entire cavity and box. Because they don't require a frame, frameless cabinets make maximum use of space. Cabinets and drawers are usually slightly larger than those of framed cabients. Most frameless cabinet boxes are built from plywood, structural particleboard or MDF and edged with a laminate or wood veneer.

Here's a kitchen of FRAMELESS white cabinets:

If you're seeking a traditional look for your kitchen, go with framed cabinets and wood or wood-look doors and drawer fronts. Framed cabinets have a classic appearance unlike the frameless, more modern styles. 

Frameless cabinets are sometimes more economical, although this also depends on the chosen style and material. However, you’ll find that super modern, high gloss fronts add to the cost as do plywood boxes versus MDF, in either style. 

I’d suggest comparing prices of framed and frameless cabinets for your new kitchen.

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