Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Saving on Gloss Door Cabinets

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I've written about the alternative to IKEA cabinets we recently discovered. We have had some very happy clients buy from this source.

Today I got to see a bid done for one client with a fairly large kitchen and a completed IKEA plan (not done by us). The bid for this alternative was $3000 lower than IKEA Ringhult (the gloss door style). I am shocked. Had to write about it. It was $11,000 versus $8,000.

We have been DESIGNERS of IKEA kitchens and experts when it comes to IKEA components for many years. So it is odd to suggest looking at another line. But if you are planning a modern kitchen with the gloss door cabinets, I think there is an alternative that can get you what you want, better quality for less money.

You will need a DESIGN to get a BID. I can give you an ESTIMATE just based on LINEAL feet of cabinets you need if you only have measurements. Or you can look at IKEA RINGHULT in their catalog and realize that this other line has PLYWOOD boxes, come PRE-ASSEMBLED and there are 33 color choices. It sounds unreal, even to me. But it's real.

This is not to say that you don't need a professional design done (what we do) only that I am pleased to provide data that might help you save some money. You deserveexcellent service, an expert and caring human with whom to discuss our project. If you have tried to get this from IKEA you will understand my frustration and why we MUST be different and better.

I am happy to talk with you. I can usually offer guidance and tips that save time, money and stress. We offer a FREE 30-minute IKEA kitchen planning consultation