Thursday, December 31, 2015

IKEA Appliances? Waiting for an IKEA kitchen sale?

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Happy New Year to all. This is actually a great time of year to plan a remodel. Although no one knows if there will be a Spring IKEA kitchen sale (or any sales on IKEA kitchen cabinets) if you shop for OTHER items this time of year (appliances, flooring, tile, etc.) you might save yourself a bundle over purchasing these items other times of year.

You might only want to buy cabinets at IKEA (and we have some data on another, competitive brand that trumps IKEA glossy door cabinets, see other posts), and you have probably realized that you don't need to buy appliances at IKEA too. Any brand of appliances can be worked into a layout of IKEA cabinets.

The key is to have the exact measurements of the appliances. If you purchased at IKEA, our designers know the sizes, of course. But if you buy another brand, the exact specs will be needed to integrate them with your IKEA layout.

Many people wait for IKEA kitchen sales but in my experience, the savings of buying OTHER materials on sale is often overlooked. While it's easy to just order everything from IKEA at one time, saving on appliances can be substantial. Often, you can get nice appliances for lower prices if you keep your eye out for sales, especially in early winter.

So, if you order a stove this time of year for a project you might not do till June, you'll have to store the stove. Thus a garage is typically needed. But if you save $400 each on a stove, fridge and hood, it could be worthwhile. Just store them in a protected area.

They key is to design the kitchen with these appliances in mind. You can proceed with a design without specific appliances, to get the general layout and cost nailed down. But you will want the exact specs of appliances before finalizing the design.

This is not to say that some appliances are standard sizes. Dishwashers are standardly 24 inches wide and enough room for pretty much any model can be allotted in a design. A 30 inch standard stove, same. Refrigerators vary, as do hoods. There's really no standard with these.

I just wanted to point out, on this last day of 2015, that you can shop for some items for your planned remodel, without waiting for an IKEA sale (which might never come). Should there be a spring sale, you will want to get your design work underway by February 1, if not sooner.

No matter the size of your budget, professional design is the key to an elegant, affordable result. Why not get the nicest possible kitchen for your remodeling dollars?

I'd be happy to talk with you about your project, whether you use our design service or not. I can usually provide some tips or guidance that will save you the cost of our professional kitchen design service!

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