Monday, January 25, 2016

What is FOIL, a.k.a. THERMOFOIL GLOSS, cabinets?

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We are very excited to be able to get gloss cabinets for our clients at a great price and in many colors. But it occurs to me that there are so many things about buying cabinets that are mysterious. People go to IKEA and find something that seems nice and seems affordable and you can see the kitchen displays and make choices. But BETTER cabinets are available at the same price point or lower. Especially for the more expensive IKEA doors. Gloss. That's where I can help.

Design of IKEA kitchens is often incidental, a big mistake. The free IKEA software and the IKEA staff trained to use it can help you PLAN, but to DESIGN a beautiful arrangement of symmetrical, functional and elegant cabinets you need expertise. We can only encourage you to consider professional design as a way to SAVE money on a MUCH nicer result.

But today I want to write about the big word THERMOFOIL. IKEA calls it's RINGHULT doors FOIL which is simply short for THERMOFOIL.

What is thermofoil? It is simply a complex plastic film that is pressure heated onto a (usually) slab or flat board door to create a highly impermeable and glossy finish. The door itself is usually medium density fiberboard, MDF.

Thermofoil can be a solid color, a wood-look, and it can have metallic particles in it, a third popular style.

Gloss cabinets can be VERY expensive if purchased from traditional suppliers who have other means of creating a gloss finish. But ultimately, you can have a beautiful highly modern European-look kitchen for a fraction of the cost with thermofoil.

It used to be that to get a gloss kitchen you'd have to order Italian-made cabinets and wait months for delivery and expect to pay $80,000 and more.

Now you can get a beautiful, quality gloss kitchen for IKEA prices. But you probably know that the IKEA gloss (Ringhult) doors come in only gray or white. If you wanted a different look, you have no options. IKEA cabinets have fiberboard BOXES as well.

We now can offer a quality, made in the U.S., gloss cabinet in 33 colors. Start the creative process.

Don't forget though that the DESIGN of a kitchen is key. You can't just line up some cabinets and expect a beautiful result. It takes precision and experience to create an elegant look that is JUST right for a particular client.

In my opinion you have to design gloss cabinet layouts a bit differently to get the modern look. You need symmetries that are not easy to achieve with free software or the limited hinge options of IKEA cabinets. But we can do it. We design for both lines, IKEA and our own.


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