Saturday, February 20, 2016

Beautiful WOOD Cabinets at IKEA Prices

That's right. There are other brands but that giant IKEA store seems to be the EASIEST place to go for cabinets. We DO love IKEA cabinets, but too many people think it is as cheap and as easy as IKEA makes it look.
First, years of experience have proven to me that the difference between an IKEA kitchen and a PROFESSIONALLY DESIGNED IKEA kitchen is HUGE. Don't think that the free online software is an adequate tool to create your ideal, affordable new kitchen. That's a mistake. Also, designing a great kitchen is a process, it isn't done in a day by anyone who can choose a password and username, or get a row of cabinets to fit. Fit is good. But elegant, functional fit is better.
Second, DO consider ALTERNATIVES to IKEA for your cabinets. Yes, IKEA is easy and familiar but it's a giant, foreign-owned warehouse and the cabinets are all fiberboard. This is fine for many, and surely it's an affordable way to go.
But after years of working on IKEA kitchen projects, we are so happy to find alternative lines that are priced the same or lower than IKEA, have the options (like customized cabinets and more sizes) and accessories (like slide-out spice cabinets) so many of our clients have wanted.
I admit to being an Amazon shopper. I buy things online. I buy shoes and clothes online. I even buy some food items online. Why? It's cheaper and often the brand I want is available for a lower cost. But the one negative is that I can't see or feel the item or try it on, before buying. But I realize that it's the fact of mail order that makes it cheaper. The seller doesn't have to pay for brick and mortar.
So we help our clients to get color samples, sample doors and even whole cabinets so they can see the quality and beauty of the cabinets we now offer. Frameless, thermofoil (which is known as gloss but can have a matte woodgrain finish, too) which come PRE-ASSEMBLED, and traditional framed wood cabinets, at amazingly affordable prices (for the quality). You save a lot buying online.
We are also able to offer our professional design service at a lower cost when the goal is to use one of our cabinet lines. Thus, with better quality cabinets AND professional design, I think we have it nailed as to how to proceed with what you might have thought would be an IKEA kitchen.
But let's talk. I am happy to help you, give you data. I've been through MANY IKEA kitchen projects. We offer a FREE 30-minute IKEA kitchen planning consultation
Request INFO on ALTERNATIVES TO IKEA kitchen cabinets
These articles (links below) were written by two different design clients of ours and although the mentions of us ( are nice, the data in these articles will be useful for anyone planning an IKEA (or any affordable) kitchen remodel.