Tuesday, March 01, 2016

2016 IKEA Kitchen Catalog

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The new 2016 IKEA kitchen catalog is out. Since the SEKTION line itself was new just last year, we didn't expect many new things. But there is new door style with integrated handles as well as a new sink offered. These are not fabulous changes but they add to what can be done with this cabinet line.

I have to admit that after designing beautiful IKEA kitchens for many years, we are startled to notice that there are other ways to create wonderful modern kitchens that cost LESS and get you more. You have to see past the familiarity of IKEA's showrooms and the utter popularity, and you have to be willing to consider alternatives, but I can tell you confidently that there are OTHER brands of cabinets you should consider. For the same money.

Meanwhile, we're happy to design a custom IKEA kitchen for you. You will never get the same result from the IKEA Home Planner, even if an IKEA staff designer uses it for your design. The software limitations are the limitations of your new kitchen. Our pros know how to bypass many of these with our sophisticated design software.

Alternately, work with us to create a truly custom kitchen using the thermofoil cabinets I've wrote about elsewhere. You really should consider this line, or compare at least.


P.S. I am happy to talk with you. I can usually offer guidance and tips that save time, money and stress. We offer a FREE 30-minute IKEA kitchen planning consultation