Thursday, March 17, 2016

Mix and Match COLORS

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Not everyone likes or has enough space to pull off an artful mix of cabinet fronts/colors. But from a dark island in a white kitchen, to some metallic drawer fronts in a woodgrain kitchen, I have to say that I love the look of the mix and match.

Possibly a mix of cabinets can look simply eclectic or unplanned, but done well, thoughtfully, the look can add elegance and make a simple, affordable new kitchen look like a high end remodel.

These are photos of the thermofoil cabinets we can get for our clients. They are beautiful and there are 30+ color/style choices, all the same price. Some are gloss, some are woodgrain some are matte. We can send nice 4 x 4 color chips and door samples and even whole cabinets so you can see the quality. VERY MUCH WORTH LOOKING INTO if you were considering IKEA cabinets.

The design is the key, for any new kitchen. That's where a professional, like our team of designers, comes in.

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