Friday, July 15, 2016

Expert Design Matters

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  • Have you been struggling with the IKEA Home Planner free online software?
  • Do you have four plan versions (or 10!) and none are REALLY what you want?
  • Are you SCARED to order cabinets based on a design you did?

These are comments I hear all the time. To sell their cabinets, IKEA offers a FREE way to design a layout. But is this the way to get a beautiful result? Not unless you have studied kitchen design. Even then, the software itself isn't really adequate to make the best use of the cabinets. Probably you have noticed this.

If you are going to spend $10,000 or more on a new kitchen, invest a small amount in expert design. I don't mean the IKEA service, which is not expert and uses the SAME free software with all its limitations.

Our professional designers, with years and thousands of designs worth of experience use EXPERT SOFTWARE that enables us to create elegant, highly functional kitchens.

Why settle for cookie-cutter or incorrectly designed layouts? It is simply the case that a professional design is needed to get a great result. A pro design will likely save you TIME and MONEY and prevent errors. It will make the installation easier in almost every case. It will make ordering faster and easier.

To save two or three hundred dollars by going with NO design or CHEAP design is a mistake.