Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Gloss Cabinets: Easy to Clean

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Shaker-style cabinets, traditional white, look pretty nice in many homes. But my own experience is that they are HARD to keep clean. White cabinets have to be wiped constantly and after a few years the white starts to darken or get sort of dull.

I'm also a fan of veg/fruit smoothies and I make one almost every day. I love my Vitamix but it's messy. If you don't pay careful attention,  the thick green mixtures can spray out the top of run down the side and those white cabinets, with the shaker details, have to be cleaned for each smoothie. And even then I see drips of green. 

I have had to use a Q-tip to clean the ridge on those doors. So this is why, my next kitchen is going to have GLOSS cabinets and ONLY slab doors. One smooth surface I can wipe down quickly. Whether it is white or another color remains to be seen. But I love the choices. You can get 4 x 4 tiles of any color/style. Not all are gloss. Some are matte or woodgrain. But all are SLAB doors, one flat surface. Which is the way to have an EASY TO CLEAN kitchen.