Monday, October 10, 2016

IKEA Kitchen Sale Fall 2016

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A fall sale is on, so if you plan to buy IKEA kitchen cabinets, now through November 20th, is a good time.

However, once again there's no actual discount, only a gift card for 15% of your purchase. An average kitchen's worth of cabinets costs $5,000.00 or more, so consider how you'll use a $750 IKEA gift card. For accessories like drawer inserts? An IKEA couch? I admit I wish they offered an actual discount, it seems kinda sneaky to require you to buy still more IKEA "stuff" with the gift card.

We've considered how to buy a kitchen so that you can use the gift card for the purchase. For example, buying HALF of what you need and getting the gift card and using it for the second half. But this cuts your gift card amount in half. You could play with this and figure out a way to buy and use the most of the gift card, but there's more than the reduced gift card amount.

An IKEA kitchen requires buying A LOT of individual items. These are generally listed on a design created in the IKEA system. You go to the store with the log in for your design and the salesperson or "co-worker" turns that design list into an actual order.

The issue with breaking up your purchase is that it is CONFUSING. You can easily overlook needed items or get TWO deliveries. In my experience, it is confusing enough to get a delivery of 85 IKEA flat, heavy boxes with Swedish-sounding names and codes that will hopefully turn into a new kitchen.

IKEA has some nice cabinets, not great quality but nice and also affordable. We've found other lines in the same price range and higher quality so we're no longer such huge fans, although we still know how to DESIGN a fabulous IKEA kitchen.

So take advantage of the sale but keep in mind that to order confidently and not end up with a $7000 pile of boxes in your garage that make no sense and that you can't easily inventory might not be work splitting up your order.

Do I want an IKEA couch? No. Would I prefer a sale with an actual discount on the price? Yes. Is the discount that good. Not so much.

We are happy to design an elegant kitchen for you. I'll also send you info on alternatives to IKEA cabinets that might impress you as they have us. Same price range but higher quality and more options.

If you live far from an IKEA store, if you aren't confident your design is as good as you want it to be, call, help is available. We offer a FREE 30-minute phone consultation with expert guidance and tips on IKEA kitchens and alternatives. Happy to help!


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