Monday, October 03, 2016

Mixing Door Styles

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Picking out colors for your new kitchen is perhaps the most fun part of a kitchen remodel Although the doors of the cabinets are a big factor, you can create any sort of look with accessories, appliances, backsplash tile countertops, and flooring. And even window coverings or treatments contribute to the overall look.

I can tell you that slab doors, or the type of cabinets that have flat fronts, are MUCH easier to take care of, keep clean, etc. It's amazing that cabinet manufacturers have been making those tiny ridges on cabinet doors for so long that we get used to cleaning our cabinet fronts with a q-tip. I will never again buy cabinet doors with details that trap food particles. But that's me.

Anyway, with slab doors you can create any sort of look, from super modern to traditional. It has to do with the OTHER items you choose. Stainless appliances are going to look more modern than white or black ones, obviously. So if you choose slab door cabinets and want a less modern look, avoid stainless items, and use wood or warm colors to complement the cabinets.

The line of slab door cabinets we can get have some texture woodgrain finishes I love. My favorite is TEXTURED WHITE. It looks like white wood but you'll have to get a sample color tile to see it for yourself.


Anyway, I have been considering how to mix another door style with textured white to create EXACTLY the look I want. I think I will go with cream gloss but I haven't quite decided. Here's a photo a client sent that I like. Dark wodgrain cabinets on the bottom. Cream gloss on top. Modern but not SUPER modern, if you know what I mean.

Then again, sometimes a traditional kitchen is really called for. We found this line of shaker cabinets that are the same price as IKEA cabinets but are ALL WOOD. They are nice. Sold to builders from the factory, we can get them for our design clients.


If you have a two tone kitchen, would you send me a photo? I'm kind of studying this right now.