Friday, October 14, 2016

Quickstart Your Kitchen Project

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Here's a simple way to start your project. Get a fresh notebook and use it for your project.

1) MEASURE everything involved. Do a simple sketch of the kitchen walls, with windows. Note down location of plumbing (gas and water lines, where they enter the room). It is not that important to note down where the electrical outlets are. Moving or adding outlets is fairly inexpensive and is usually part of any remodel.

2) Once you have measured everything, make a LIST of items you need to PURCHASE, which could include: flooring, cabinets, countertop. appliances, paint, backsplash tile. It could also include materials needed for repair, such as sheetrock and electrical materials, but you might want to leave that list for the contractor, or if you are DIY, for later on.

3) With your list, you can shop. You should be able to get a rough estimate of HOW MUCH of any item on your list, using the measurements done in #1 above. Find an expert in each category to gather consumer info on each item, especially the more costly ones.

4) DESIGN the layout of the new kitchen. This is best done by an expert. Do-iIt-Yourself layout plans can have, and usually do have, errors or oversights. Since the layout is the foundation of the project, make sure you love it and that it is done correctly. You will need the MEASUREMENTS and some idea of the APPLIANCES you'll be using to do a precise layout. A precise layout then determines the cabinets components you need to purchase, and will also tell you how much countertop you'll need.

These found steps are required for just about every kitchen project. Unless you have a very big budget and can pay one company or contractor to do everything for you, (not recommended) and supply all materials,  this is how you proceed.

I hope this helps you.


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